Service Time
Sunday 11am
146 Flamborough St
Sunday School
Contact: Sonia Wong
Ignite Youth
Contact: Serena Tsen
Young Adult
Contact: Doreen Wan
Woodlands Home Group
Contact: Andrew Wan and Andrew Lee
Ladies' Group / Men's Group
Contact: Irene Ling / James Cheng
Connect Group
Contact: May Ling Cheng
Recent Sermons
Watch Out
Ps Bruce Liu on 28 Apr 2019
Resurrection Hope
Ps Jacky Chen on 21 Apr 2019
Herod Despised Jesus
Ps Bruce Liu on 14 Apr 2019
The Worst Failure Of All Times
Ps Bruice Liu on 07 Apr 2019
Building A Missionary Church
Rev Dr James Lai on 31 Mar 2019
Lord, teach us to pray
Ps Bruce Liu on 17 Mar 2019
This is my Beloved Son
Mr Wee Seng on 10 Mar 2019